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Harness the power of the 7 FIT HOP Elements for Self Developmentā„¢ to transform your body, focus your mind, and liberate your creative spirit.

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Through a patented Eurythmic form, FIT HOP gives you a conscious awareness of your body that will change how you view and execute movement forever.Ā  With this awareness, ANY form of movement is EASY, FUN, EFFICIENT & finally ACCESSIBLE to ANYONE.



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With the rising concern of obesity, bullying in schools, and immense number of students with special needs (ADD, ADHD, etc), FIT HOP is the answer to the social and biological shifts and need for more right cerebral hemispheric stimulation.


Spartan Productions

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While studying at the Academy, Niko founded SpartanProductionsCA as a production label devoted to recruiting, uniting, and cultivating more conscious artists.